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This is a collection of paintings and artwork of the Southampton area. Most are painted in Oil paint, but some are created using Acrylic paint. Most of the artwork is produced to a size of 16” x 20”, using stretched canvas as the support or canvas board. Mostly the subjects are based on photographs of the area. Sometimes these may be changed in the digital domain, by adding extra figures or removing something obtrusive on a computer. The aim is to create a nice, master composition, which is then scaled up and redrawn on to the canvas. The artist does not paint directly on to the blank canvas, but initially paints it in a strong red, using acrylic paint, to help give the colours applied on top extra life and interest. Each painting takes a few days to do, though as a rule the more complicated the subject is, the longer it takes to do. This is true of such things as buildings and boats, whereas trees, for example are organic shapes and do not have to be reproduced faithfully. The former subjects require more time as they are things that need careful consideration to the laws of perspective.

Southampton has a lot of water surrounding it so it is natural that many painted scenes have water in them. The paintings, usually populated with boats and ships are either relating to scenes in a park with small canoes in use, right up to the docks themselves with some of the largest ships afloat, using the Solent as their way in and out of the port. The movements of the tide provide many scenes of interest, and a constantly changing view as at one moment the water level is very high, reflecting the colour of the sky and dominating the colour within the painting. A few hours later the tide has receded and a dark landscape of mud and boat wrecks is revealed, brightened up by the odd pocket of water still remaining.

Some of the paintings have been exhibited in local exhibitions, at museums, gallery, art shows and cafés. The artist started capturing the area in paint from the year 2010, and hopefully this project will continue for some time.

Paintings and Artwork relating to Southampton

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Martin Davey

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southampton_itchen bridgse rowing club_painting southampton_northam_river_itchen_mudflats_oil_painting southampton_duke_of_wellington_pub_painting southampton_itchen_river_slipway_painting southampton_civic_centre_painting southampton_ocean_village painting
southampton_bursledon_brickworks_painting southampton_hillier_gardens_late_summer_painting southampton_northam_river_itchen_painting southampton_bursledon_brickworks_painting southampton_ABP marathon at Northam S_A_cow_maiden_flight southampton civic centre martin davey
southampton_people_in_park Southampton_Docks_from_Weston_shore_winter_sunset painting southampton_bursledon_windmill painting southampton_southampton_blue_anchor_lane painting southampton_riverside_park southampton_rockstone_lane painting
southampton_palmerston_park painting southampton_watts_park_in_the_snow painting southampton_northam_river_itchen_old_jetty_with_sea_birds painting southampton_hillier_gardens_late_summer_painting southampton_gorhino-dock rhino martin davey southampton_river_itchen_from_cobden_bridge painting
southampton_palmerston_park_autumn_sun painting southampton_northam_boats_painting southampton_northam_boats_painting southampton_hilliers_gardens painting southampton_river_hamble painting S_A_southampton_girl_waiting_at_southampton_watts_park_painting
southampton_medieval_merchant_house_from_high_st painting southampton_winter_fishing_at_weston_shore_oil painting southampton_netley_hospital_chapel_weston_shore oil painting southampton_sailing_at_weston_shore_southampton_water oil painting southampton_feeding_the_ducks_at_southampton_common oil painting southampton_cargo_ship_as_seen_at_weston_shore oil painting
southampton_old_boats_stdenys acrylic painting southampton_hillier_gardens_grass_and_trees_oil painting southampton_hillier_gardens_grass_and_trees_oil painting people_at_southampton_eastern_docks_viewing_ship acrylic painting southampton_northam_boat_yards_and_old_boats acrylic painting southampton_hamble_lagoon oil painting
southampton_old_boats_stdenys acrylic painting gallery_painting_southampton_boat_wreck_stdenys acrylic painting southampton_western_docks_container_terminal_as_seen_from_marchwood_acrylic painting southampton_weston_shore_fawley_power_station_acrylic painting southampton_boats river bank bitterne_acrylic painting southampton_boats_fawley_power_station_acrylic painting
southampton_riverside_park_oak_tree_oil_painting southampton_weston_shore southampton_zany zebras martin davey
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Short History of Southampton

Southampton is believed to have its earliest inhabitants in the area during the stone age but it is from the 11th century that the town became a port.Today it is the second largest port in the UK, and a gateway for many cruises. Many famous ships have visited the port, including the Titanic which began its maiden voyage from there.

The town of Southampton became a city in 1964. Despite its industrial background the city boasts many interesting and beautiful locations and buildings, some of which are featured in paintings on this site. The oldest buildings have parts of Medieval architecture within them, but the earliest recognisable buildings tend to be Tudor.

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